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Trimaster Oy has been established in 1998. It is a company that specializes in production automation for food processing industry. Trimaster designs and produces tailor made production automation and material handling systems for different packages. The solutions are based on robot technology. The solutions are either single devices or complete production lines or facilities.

Company Ownership Base

The major shareholders are the management. These people are actively engaged in the daily operations of Trimaster Oy: Managing Director Leo Johansson, Project Manager Pekka Pullinen, Design Manager Tero Vartiainen, Sales Manager Mika Hartikainen.

We have a co-operation agreement with Multivac Group, who is also a minority shareholder of Trimaster. The export marketing and export sales are carried out through Multivac’s organisation. Multivac also has a representative in Trimaster’s board of directors.

Up to this point Trimaster has delivered over 200 different robotic systems. 

Trimaster Oy
Aurinkokuja 3
33420 Tampere, Finland


Management / Sales
Leo Johansson
+358 50 5300 032

Mika Hartikainen
+358 40 523 8536

Pekka Pullinen
+358 40 5848 741

+358 50 435 6678

Varpu Jalo
+358 50 344 5930

Andrei Miagkov
+358 40 631 7111


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