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Special applications for picking products

It is possible to group the products with different servo controlled pushers and conveyors and to pick and combine appropriately to create the desired product. As shown in the figure below, where the breads are transferred to the cardboard box and then the to packaging machine.

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Full stack unloading and carrier handling unit

Full stack of boxes can be stacked or untacked with robot. It is possible to put stack to carrier or stack the carriers also if there is need for that.

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Pallet unloading and box emptying

Full pallet for boxes can be unloaded with robot and boxes can be emptied. Then robot can feed boxes to f.ex. washing system.

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Autoclave ovens loading and unloading systems

Robot system moves products to pallet and pallets are stacked on to pallet carrier which can transport to oven. Ready product pallets can feed back to robot call, which unloads pallet to conveyor and recycles pallets to reloading.

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Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots can be used in working area near people without any safety fences or scanners. They are suitable for exact but slow movements.

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Linear Track for robot